Video Biographies

Your life stories and family history

Got a story? Got a treasure trove of tales from your childhood, travel, work, friendships? If the thought of writing it all down is what’s holding you back, then a video biography is the perfect answer. Whatever the need –  a whole life story, a particular time, or a single event –  we do the heavy-lifting while you sit back and enjoy telling it like it was! Contact us for details and we’ll show you how filming a video biography can be terrific fun and make the perfect gift for family and friends or for the person whose story you most want to hear told. We shoot straight from the horse’s mouth! 
Richard Curtis, author of Blackadder and The Vicar of Dibley, speaking on BBC Radio 4’s show The Museum of Curiosity
“… before my mum died, I sat with her for hours typing down answers to questions…. What happened when you left Australia? Did you really  meet George VI? What was the Indian cricket team like on the boat? Everything like that, and I never recorded her voice. And, actually, it wouldn’t have mattered what answers she gave, all the facts are useless to me now, they are just typed on some file, and I just wish I had a minute of her talking about anything.


We travelled along the coast to East Sussex where we encouraged psychoanalyst Beth to describe key episodes in her personal and professional life in her film autobiography, The Lifelong Conversation. Beth saw this as a chance to tell her internationally-spread family of the ‘thread’ she’s identified linking where she started from to where she’s arrived at today. You can hear how significant psychology has been to her right from earliest memories, and how much art and music have enriched her life.


Looking ahead she pays tribute to her family and friends, explaining why she values these so highly. Her life stories are wonderfully illustrated with a store of images.

There are three stages to creating your film. Firstly, we get to know you and gain an uderstanding of the story which you would like to tell. We can then put together a cohesive plan to make sure that nothing is missed.

Once everything is prepared, we can set a date to film at a location of your choosing. It’s possible to film in more than one place, if you would like to do so. Indoor and outdoor are both absoutely fine. Equally, if you talk about places nearby we can look to capture some extra footage to add in. We have a CAA drone persmission which is ideal for this purpose.

Finally is the editing. If you have photos or any other items which you would like to be included, let us have these and we can add them into your video biography. Once the first version is ready, this will be sent to you for approval. We will then make any requested changes before finalising the video.

If you would like to talk with us about creating a film, please email or complete our contact form.