Case Study | Vee Tire Co.

Vee Tire Co are an up and coming mountain bike brand who’s products have become very popular over recent years. It’s parent company has been manufacturing tyres for other purposes since 1977. When a prototype pair of the new ‘Flow Snap’ arrived in the UK, we were asked to take a few photos with their brand ambassador, Karl Woodman. We always want to change what should be a fairly normal image into something far more eye catching, so we took advtange of the autumn colours. It seemed to work, because these images performed very well on their social media.

These tyres then continued on to be mounted onto Karl’s Production Privee Kremer. This outstanding build was completed by D&D Cycles and looked perfect with the tan walls of the VeeTire Flow Snaps, so it was time for some more photos. We faced a problem, though. It was the middle of winter, endlessly raining and the forecast wasn’t good. Much like the above, we wanted to do something a bit different.

We know a local farmer and asked to borrow an empty barn for an evening, he agreed. Using colour balanced lighting, we illuminated the Kremer. Next, we used smoke to add some subtle interest to the background. These photographs show that sometimes less really is more. Just a few days later, these were doing the rounds all over Instagram. Production Privee used the photos too and they clocked up around 3000 likes on their instagram page.

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