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Team Bull Boxing comprises professional boxer Bailey ‘The Bull’ Donald, his trainer Daron Wiseman, his father Adrian Donald, plus their sponsors. Bailey is signed to Goodwin Boxing. We’ve been working with the team to produce short videos since just before his professional debut in 2019.

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This is the first video we filmed with Team Bull, in the lead up to Bailey’s debut at York Hall in London. We wanted to include as much variety as possible. We shot scenes in the boxing gym, city, countryside and even underwater.

The team are based near Portsmouth and Bailey has a very strong following in this area. Therefore, we wanted to film at some well known locations. Team Bull sold out their tickets for Bailey’s debut fight.

We travelled to London with the team and filmed a short highlights video of the evening. It was great to be a part of this and we joined Bailey’s fans at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch to celebrate the win.

Bailey’s second professional fight was with Atlantic Promotions at South Parade pier in Portsmouth. Atlantic Promotions are also one of our clients, so this provided a useful crossover. With this being Bailey’s home town, we knew it was going to be a big evening. Team Bull wanted to create another video, but as with our previous project it wasn’t going to be anything ordinary.  We decided to film outside on the boardwork of the pier, the location where the fight was going to be held.

Ideally, the weather needed to be on our side. Partly because it’s exposed out on the pier, but also because we wanted to an orange sky backdrop. Having checked the forecast, we selected a weekday morning which looked promising. We needed to give the pier a few days notice and we hoped the forecast wouldn’t change in the meantime.

The South Parade pier team were very helpful and gave us early access. This meant we had the place to ourselves. We didn’t want anybody in the background. Furthermore, we wanted to use the drone and members of the public in the vacinity would have made this more difficult. It all went to plan and we shot the footage we needed within an hour.

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Filming with clients on a recurring basis usually works really well. Being in front of the camera can take some getting used to. Furthermore, the client becomes familier with the process, why shots are filmed in a certain way and how they will all fit together in the final edit.

From left to right, Adrian Donald, John Arthur (Depictive) and Daron Wiseman

Bailey performed well at the pier and ended 2019 with another win.

On the evening we were working for Atlantic Promotions and this included photographing the event. We captured numerous pictures of the fight. The News (Portsmouth’s newspaper) had a reporter in attendance and produced a double page article using our photographs, which included Bailey.

Boxing News magazine also used one of the images of Bailey for a full page article in their magazine. Boxing News has been printed for over 100 years.

To find out more about Team Bull, please visit: or follow them on social media.

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