CASE STUDY |Southern Enduro

Southern Enduro is a mountain bike race series which began in 2013. It has grown to become one of the best events of it’s type in the south of England. Races take place from as far west as Exmoor, to as far east as Kent. Since the series began, we have filmed every race and produced short videos which are posted to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. In addition to promoting Southern Enduro and it’s sponsors, these videos also give racers an idea of what to expect from each venue.

This video shows the Southern Enduro Champs 2019. This race takes place on Exmoor, West Somerset. The setting is beautiful and offers an excellent variety of riding.

Practice and racing takes place over two days and entrants can accrue points which count towards their BEMBA national enduro series ranking.

Camping is available and caterers are on site all weekend. Furthermore, there’s always several of Southern Enduro’s sponsors with trade stands, bikes parts and mechanics. In 2019, one of those present was Red Bull who provided free cans of drink for the duration.

There’s a few things we try to cover within each video. The first is establishing shots which give an understanding of the location. Whether permitting, the drone can be used to good effect. Secondly, as opposed to only showing the racers on their bikes, we also like to show some of the more relaxed moments of the day because these events have a great atmostphere. Finally and most importantly, the racing. Southern Enduro courses are many miles in length so when the racing begins, there’s a lot of ground to cover. In advance, we pick out the locations which are going to look the best on camera and aim for those.

The field of entrants is always very diverse, with a number of age categories available for both men and women. Racers within a category begin within the same time window. We try to time our movements around the course in such a way that we can film racers from as many categories as possible.

From a filming perspective, one potential pitfall is the weather. Of course, moutain bikers are not a group of people who are easily deterred. There have been occasions where the racing has taken place in mud and torrential rain. Whilst it presents a challenge, filming continues regardless.

Recently, Southern Enduro decided to form a race team which includes some of the organisers and trail builders. O’Neal clothing support the race team and offered to produce the kit, but needed a design sent to them which incorporated the other sponsors logos too.

We assembled this design, sent it to the team for proof and then to O’Neal for manufacture.

Usually, teams buy several matching race kits. These are then are then sent to a third party which prints onto them. In contrast, this kit was created fully at the point of manufacture which gives consistency throughout the design and a very high standard of finish. The Depictive logo can be found on the rear of the jersey.

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