CASE STUDY |Natures wisdom

Natures Wisdom UK are producers of 100% natural herbal remedies. This Hampshire based company has an extensive product range which can be purchased through both their own website and Amazon. We were asked to shoot photographs of their entire product range. The aims were to create both a better company image and also continuity through the catalogue.

The first set of photos show the products dressed and set with some of their ingredients and/or included items. These are the primary set of images which are used on the Natures Wisdom website.

The aim of these photos is to draw attention to the companies belief in using 100% natural ingredients.

We shot 89 of these images and each is individual. Every shot features the correct ingredients and is dressed in a slightly different way. However this said, the background and camera angle does not change, therefore ensuring continuity when looking through the product range.

All of the products shown above also had to be photographed individually. Natures Wisdom do a lot of business through Amazon, who have strict requirements on photographs.

The images must be correctly lit, have a white background and the subject must fill the correct percentage of the frame.

In addition, we took some general shots for marketing purposes. These images are mostly for use on the Natures Wisdom website. Some are intended as stand alone images, whereas others deliberately include some blank space which is ideal for adding text.

Finally, we were asked to take some aerial photographs at the company’s location. The rural setting surrounded by fields is very much in keeping with the brands style. These images were taken on a drone by our CAA certified pilot.

In total, we provided 234 high quality images.


If you would like to learn more about Natures Wisdom UK, please click here to visit their website. You can also find their products on Amazon.

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